Personality Karma (cause-effect) Therapy

Our fast moving times demand special requirements and a special approach. Emotional burdens that are carried around in the body hinder your ability to shape your life with the desired intensity, profundity and joy.

They extract your energy in the form of psychological and/or physical diseases. Fears, depressions, uneasiness, feebleness, backaches, headaches, sleep disorders, stomach pressure, nausea and dizziness to name only a few.

In order to understand and treat these emotional burdens I have developed the Personality – Karma (cause effect) Therapy. With one day (5 hours) of intensive work that exclusively deals with your concerns, together we can find the robber who steals your energy and with self-responsible action and homeopathic remedies of Psychosomatic Energetics we can turn him into your ally. This will provide you with the power to allow the healing to take place and so clear the way for a meaningful life.